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Welcome to Talis

Talis is an innovative law and strategy firm specializing in the startup community. Born out of the idea that sound legal advice and business strategy are inseparable, we have a unique approach in how we deliver legal services.

We serve our clients primarily as outside general counsel, advising on corporate and governance matters, commercial and technology transactions, venture financing, and other critical issues companies face as they grow. But unlike a traditional law firm, we approach each engagement from the perspective of attorneys and entrepreneurs, providing legal guidance with a specific focus on strategy and growth.

"Best law firm for startups in the Bay Area!"

-Startup Founder


Our mission is to empower our clients to become successful faster by helping them:

  • make smarter decisions beginning from the company's launch

  • balance risk with opportunity to effectively scale

  • accelerate the path to growth and exit

Image by Dylan Gillis
Image by Aaron Burden

"Talis is so much more than a law firm. They understand how markets move and people think. Nik and Eric are an extension of our core team."

-Startup Founder

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