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Entrepreneurial Law Firm for the Startup Community

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Welcome to Talis

Talis is an innovative law and strategy firm specializing in the startup community. We serve emerging companies, founders, and investors looking for practical legal guidance that prioritizes business strategy and growth. Combining traditional legal services with entrepreneurial mindset and experience, we serve our clients as outside general counsel and advisors across their entire business platform.

General counsel for startups, founders, and investors!


Our mission is to empower our clients to become successful faster by helping them:

  • make smarter decisions beginning from the company's launch

  • balance risk with opportunity with a view toward scale

  • accelerate the path to growth and exit


Create a foundation that balances founder interests, protects valuable assets, incentivizes performance, and is attractive to investors.


Structure relationships with customers, strategic partners, service providers, and investors. Improve financial models and fundraising plans to support growth.



Pursue corporate development and exit opportunities while maintaining corporate governance, legal compliance, and best practices.

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