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insights for today's startups 


The internet has no shortage of content on legal rules and startup tips, some more helpful than others. Here are a few of our key insights for startups today on COVID-19, company formation, and corporate governance (plus more coming soon). 

covid resources

Snapshot of the startup economy as of year-end 2021 and recommended resources for US businesses.

Image by bruce mars

Overview of the key steps founders should take when forming a "Silicon Valley" style startup, including key decisions, documents, filings, and more.

corporate governance

Recommended corporate governance practices for emerging companies, including general board matters, annual items, and specialty topics.

covid resources

Startup Innovation: Refining Your Company's Value Proposition for Scale

A methodology to reevaluate and refine your company's value proposition when scaling in a post-covid world.
(coming soon)

covid resources

Corporate Innovation: Preparing Your Company for the Future

A new take on how corporations can more effectively examine the market and adapt to emerging trends ahead of the competition. (coming soon)

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